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Our Life. . . Loss Along With Pencil Dresses

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Запись от agogyPat61 размещена 11-05-2012 в 08:39 PM

Pencil dresses often refered to as dam but chi are nothing new. They have been around for quite some time, and we have seen a number of takes on this classic design, from buttocks skimming bandage dresses to "mother of the bride" frumpy-esque matching tweed sets. They will have had their highs... and their lows. But, in my opinion they have been coming back with a vengeance this r.

The look of tight as it can go' bandage dresses are undoubtedly on their way to avoid it, we are all getting bored of seeing girls in dresses that look wedged onto them (quite truthfully, when was that ever a good look?). In its place is coming a brand new strain of timeless elegant young women - these women wear knee lengths with pride and still rock the look! Fitted pencil styles which can be well tailored perhaps not only show off your figure, in a flattering and timeless way, but give an atmosphere of sophistication and class. With a tremendous variety of necklines, colours, substances, and fashion features (such as peplums) they are around in abundance and I can not get enough of these! Teamed with a little clutch, a pair of stilettos and a large fascinator these dresses can very quickly get you from a day at the races to a proper family wedding. Or team with a huge set of wedges and an oversized hat and it is off to the polo with you! The effortless 40's/50's style classic glamor they evoke ties in at so many events, and that is the wonder of the new adaptability in to more modern fashions.

Events such as racing and polo are on the rise, sports once seen as only for the wealthy to go to, but with tickets being more accessible and affordable to the average man or woman it offers everyone else an excuse to get decked out and feel a bit special for a day. There definitely are not enough events in life where we have the chance to be really glamorous anymore, and the wonderful thing about a classic pencil dress is its adaptability from a smart work dress or dinner date dress, to a really glam event dress with only the right accessories and a touch of sparkle! In the current economic system, people simply can not afford the 'throw away' disposable fashions that we have been seeing in previous more affluent rs, so it is about basing your wardrobe around classic pieces that can be worn for a whole host of occasions which make you feel like the confident attractive girl you are when you slip them on.

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Existence, Fatality Along With Pencil Dresses
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