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2017. Updates Classic

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  • 2017. Updates Classic

    August 19. X10 started!

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    Re: 2017. Updates Classic

    August 24
    • Correction of processing of cancels in RB - do not pass
    • Correction of processing other skills-disablers without effect on pb
    • Stabilization of bonuses on Daily Quests
    • The localization of the names of objects is extended. Drop-list localized.
    • Correction of mobs of Knights (18007/18015), "Lord of Enchanted Bats" (20773)
    • Correction spawn location "Blizing Swamp"

    Europa x7/x10 11:40 GMT+03


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      Re: 2017. Updates Classic

      August 25
      • Correction of processing of falling from mountains
      • Mirror in the Mirror Forest will multiply at death
      • Fixed sociality in Epics(RB) and minions
      • Correction of the chance of reproduction Mirrors in the Mirror Forest

      Europa x7/x10 11:30 GMT+03


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        Re: 2017. Updates Classic

        August 28
        • Correction of sociality of mobs
        • During sieges, it is possible to have a TP at the GK by city
        • Fix using physical skills with mobs / RB at close range
        • Correction of the AI "Ant Nurse" AK
        • Correction of the skill of the BOSS "Reflect Damage" (4176)
        • Correction spawn location Forest of Mirror
        • Added bonus mobs Forest of Mirror
        • Correction AI Mirrors in the location Forest of Mirror
        • Added special RB "Death Knight"

        Europa x7/x10 near 09:30 GMT+03


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          Re: 2017. Updates Classic

          Aygust 29
          Some fixes:
          • Correction of the reset "Hunting Bonus" clan at 06:00
          • Added glow and limitation "Talisman of Baium" (49683)
          • Fixed items "Scroll of Intensive Dissection", "Scroll of the Blast of Purity", "Scroll of the Gray Bang", "Scroll of the Platonic Storm"

          Europa x7/x10 near 10:15


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            Re: 2017. Updates Classic

            September 1
            Cumulative update:
            • Friend sheet corrections
            • Correction of jumping from the mountains
            • Added automatic check for mobs such as weapons, is relevant for archery mobs
            • Correction of calculation of reuse for NPC / mobs, concerns archery mobs
            • Adjustments of mills RB
            • Correction of the effects of "Talisman of Baium", "Talisman of Insolence VI"
            • Cave of Giants: correction of attack types for mobs
            • Cave of Giants: scouts Leogut and Campin call mobs if attacked
            • Cave of Giants: Correction of count of minions Lord of Beasts
            • Devil's Island: Added spawn of mobs
            • Devil's Island: NPC spawn is added
            • Devil's Island: Correction of attack types for mobs
            • Devil's Island: Correction of mob stats
            • Devil's Island: Corrections of water zones, Debuff
            • Correction Healing Cube

            Europa x7 / x10 around 12:00


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              Re: 2017. Updates Classic

              4 September
              Cumulative update:
              • Devil's Island: 1 spawn zone has been added
              • Devil's Island: Changed the type of spawn "Pearl Horror" for the usual
              • Correction of items "Greater Potion of Swift M.Atk", "Greater Potion of Atk."
              • Added Energy (Herbs)
              • Correction of the Bayum minions
              • Ruins of Despair: Corrections of mobs and added herbs
              • Ruins of Agony: Corrections of mobs and added herbs
              • Talking Waterfall: Correction spawn of Undine and added herbs (low chance)

              Europa x7 / x10 around 09:40


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                Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                5 September
                The x10 -> x7 server has been merged.
                Server rates up to x10

                Prefix accounts on which the characters do not fit one - at the end of the account we write x12


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                  Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                  9th of September
                  Cumulative update:
                  • Added clan search system
                  • Correction of the Orpen Zone
                  • Added 8 RB 55-60
                  • Fix "The Insight of Isa" (45011)
                  • Fix ENG NPC titles
                  • Fixed stable weapon scrolls C and B

                  • x7 in the list of servers moved to slot x10

                  Europa x10 around 11:00


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                    Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                    11 September
                    Cumulative update:
                    • The localization of NPC titles has been improved
                    • Added 10 RB 65 lvl-a
                    • Correction of active skill in 10 RB 65 lvl
                    • Fix Super-rune "Siegel Health" (45003), "Mana Ven'o" (45013)

                    Europa x10 around 10:30 GMT+03


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                      Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                      12 September
                      x5 Beta-Test started


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                        Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                        September, 14th
                        Cumulative update:
                        • Fix corrected checks of learned skills in accordance with the level of the character
                        • Added drops of books and special items drop (Magic Tablets)
                        • Added +% bonus for Premium
                        • Reduced the power of new bosses 55-65 lvl
                        • .whoiam added fishing expeditions and quests

                        • Added bonus for voting in l2topzone, hoptzone

                        Europa x10 around 10:00 Moscow time / Kiev


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                          Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                          18 September
                          Cumulative update:
                          • Overwritten chances of enchant (September 15)
                          • Changed the chance of enchant +1 - +3, the chance decreases with increasing
                          • Added support for the use of multiple target attacks for the Sword / Two-Hand Sword "Wide Arms" (1628)
                          • Devil's Island: Night zones of curse are added (03: 00-04: 00)
                          • Devil's Island: Added night spawn "Nightmare" (24040) (03: 00-04: 00)

                          Europa x5 / x 10 around 10:30


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                            Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                            19 September
                            Cumulative update:
                            • [B] Added RB Zaken [/ B]
                            • Zaken does not return to spawn point
                            • Improved spawn of mobs Zaken AI

                            Europa x5 / x10 around 11:30 GMT+03 Moscow time


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                              Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                              September 20
                              • Correction of the mod mode of the HP / MP regen from the run / stop / sitting state
                              • Correction of Magic-CDL - damage 90% HP 1 minimum, 10% maximum x2
                              • Correction of damage to skills with charges, damage is considered only from the skills used by the skill, and not from all
                              • x5: Correction of Oli settings - reduced to standard, period of 1;15 pure month
                              • Statistics in KB: Added TOP 20 Level

                              EUropa x5 / x10 around 11:30