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  2. Good news. Europa forever
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  4. Готовим новую версию, опять же без Камелей. Ожидайте новый сезон.
  5. January 25 Europa test - preparation of a new version
  6. January 22 In shop added time-limited Epic
  7. January 21 Cumulative update: Fix client reuse 0 sec Implement Recommendation system like Interlude Fix Heal for summon Nightshade Updated Pona bracelets sale Minor skill correction Fix matching dialogs of Blacksmith Wilbert
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    Sieges: 19 Jan 2020

    Sieges 19 Jan 2020.
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    Спасибо, наказал
  11. Navasakim


    Такая же проблема с гномом ник Boladinha. Когда умирает сразу же встаёт и прилетает снова. Просьба проверить и наказать.
  12. Write me in PM you paypal email ans acount/id for add
  13. Hello folks! I've been in this server for 2 whole days now, trying to exp my poor DE summoner. But boy, do I have a story for you. I was in TOI 3 farming, when this clearly newbie warlord came to my room and started provoking mobs and KSing. So I PK'ed the player. He came back again, so I PK'ed him again. And again. And again. And again. On the 6th time of me PKing this newbie (who did not seem to understand what's going on, and why it's rude to take over someone else's room, especially when they've been there for a whole 2 hours EXPing already) another player shows up, this time not newbie at all. Player name "GLODOOM", class Dominator, who suddenly proceeded, out of the box, to kill me. Now that would be well within normal Lineage 2 fun usually, but what I noticed is that, the newbie player did not belong to the same clan that player "GLODOOM" belongs to. What I also noticed, is how quickly they responded to the resurrection scroll, and how quickly they resume farming, like they just rebuffed from the Alt + B menu like it was nothing. (Literally almost zero second respond time to anything that's happening around them!) Now, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that this was a bot. And if I didn't know any better, I'd say using external freemium bot software is illegal behavior. GLODOOM, by coming over to defend your bot, you kind of exposed yourself. So I expect some sort of action to be taken against botting. You guys (admin team) could IP ban the player, you could make the rules more clear in regards to how it is ILLEGAL to bot with an external software, thus why the game has an "Auto-play" function which you can trigger on. For anyone new to the server who's reading this, if you came in this server looking for a high quality server to play, don't bother. If botting with adrenaline is allowed, it's already a pretty shit server. I expect a public announcement on whether premium bot pieces of software are legal or not. And if the case isn't like I'm imagining it is, then it confirms my theory that this is just a money-grab scam server and nothing more, and is not worth anyone's time. Thank you. P.S.: A 20 minute chat ban for saying that your server is full of botters ingame kind of proves my point, doesn't it? Edit: Link for video proof. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HcLpYAOjeYrarfPfxdk-v9lIbNIrPSa9 (ignore the music, I didn't realise it was going to get picked up by the video recorder)
  14. Дорогие друзья. Информация о Великой Олимпиаде: Олимпиада стартует 15 Января в 20:00 GMT+02 (21:00 МСК) Дни Олимпиады: Среда-Суббота с 20:00 до 01:00 GMT + 02 (21:00 - 02:00 МСК) Минимальный уровень 78 Стартовое кол-во поинтов 10 Каждую пятницу +10 поинтов Герои определяются каждое Воскресенье 12:00 GMT+02 (13:00 МСК) Недельный лимит боев 70 Необходимый минимум для определения Героя 10 боев
  15. Dear friends. Grand Olympiad information: Olympiad starts on January 15 at 20:00 GMT + 02 Olympiad days: Wednesday-Saturday from 20:00 to 01:00 GMT + 02 Minimum level 78 Start points 10 Every Friday points +10 Heroes every Sunday 12:00 GMT+02 Weekly battle limit 60*2 (Wednesday+Thursday 60 points, Friday+Saturday 60 points)
  16. I created a file,i extract there the files from client and also the l2europa.com patch!when i run l2.exe the game opens but when i put my username and pass the game crashes on loading screen!!
  17. Download patch unpack patch as folder l2europa.com to client folder run l2europa.com/l2.exe
  18. i already downloaded the file from site(11gb) but there isnt any .exe file to install the game..what i have to do?
  19. Hello!i used to play necro or sps on other servers!i want to play in this server but i have a question.. does sps skill cancel lands on enemy? or necro's anchor or silence? or i have to choose other char? :D
  20. Glame83


    Ув.Администрация сегодня днем вылетело 2 окна после перезахода пишет бан по железу ( сторонние программы я не использую ) прошу разобраться в этой проблеме и расбанить аккаунты ники персонажей CroW Joker
  21. Доброе утро. Напишите пожалуйста мне логин/акк в ПМ или в дискорде
  22. Доброе время суток у меня проблема со входом, запускаеться игра ввожу логин пароль и выбивает вот такое сообщения.
  23. Доброе времени суток у меня проблема не могу зайти. Захожу в игру ввожу логин пароль, и потом пишет войдите позже в чем проблема?
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