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Tip: Ranking System

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Ranking System

The ranking system is a rating of characters having the highest server level among all characters and the highest level among representatives of their race. For a place in the ranking, the character will receive positive effects.

General information

  • The rank system collects information about the levels of all characters on the server in general and among representatives of each race. With the same level of experience among characters above level 40 and having passed the 2nd change of profession, the highest rank is given to the one who first reached this level.
  • The characters occupying a leading position in the ranking are superimposed positive effects. Every day at 6:30, special effects are applied according to the place in the rating.
  • Characters with a rank of 1-3 can use special decals in the chat, notifying others about the character's rank.

Ranking information after starting the server.
First day


Second day


Third day



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