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2017. Updates Classic

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    Re: 2017. Updates Classic

    September 26th
    Cumulative update:
    • Correction of the work of the skill "Shield of Sacrifice" (1621)
    • Correction of the work "Reflection Damage" (69) for chargedam
    • Fix messages about the time of reuse of skills
    • Training Correction
    • Fixed items "Mana Recovery Potion" (70159), "Warrior MP Restoration Potion" (70642), "Novelty MP Restoration Potion" (90310), "MP Warrior Recovery Potion" (90415)
    • Correction of the skill "Shield of Sacrifice" (1621)
    • Correction of the work "Reflection Damage" (69) for blow, pdam, mdam
    • Minor correction of the Siege Hammer skill (4079)

    Europa x5 / x10 around 10:30


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      Re: 2017. Updates Classic

      September 28
      • х50: Added announcements of RB / GRB in the game
      • x50: Correction of the BBS teleporter, buffer
      • x50: Added a special drop for the mobs Devils Isle
      • x50: Fixed special drop with RB
      • Fix Restaurant HP / MP / CP for 50 seconds Oli, should not be
      • Correction of skills "Chain Blow" (10015), "Talisman of Insolence VI" (35018), "Talisman of Baium" (35020)
      • Correction of the NPC "Maiden Doll" (24037)
      • Correction of the ranged attack of the "Lesser Giant Warrior" (20656)
      • Reduced strength of the camp for different levels of RB "Death Knight"
      • Fix the reuse of the CP-potions
      • Correction spawn 1 room in the Cave of Giants

      Europa x5 / x10 / x50 around 11:00


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        Re: 2017. Updates Classic

        September 28

        Heavy start with DDOS. DDOS repulsed. Server x50 is alive and well. Have a good mood!


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          Re: 2017. Updates Classic

          2 October
          Cumulative update:
          • Fixed sale of items via Alt + B
          • Correction of the enchanting process
          • Save correction Clan "Bonus For Hunting" when reset at 06:30
          • Correction of the skill "Sound Storm" (7)
          • Correction of skills "Miracle" (1426), a stack of visual buffs "Talisman of Insolence"
          • Fix heights spawn mobs Zaken Isle
          • Updated geodata of the square 21_24 Devil's Island
          • Correction of AI Zaken
          • X50: BBS: For stored TP added reuse
          • Minor correction of the study of the skill "Explosion of the Corpse" (1155) Necromancer

          Europa х5 / х10 / х50 around 13:00
          + x5 / x10 update for September 28


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            Re: 2017. Updates Classic

            October 3
            • Correction of skill level, which uses Zaken
            • Clan 5 level. Fix of the buff "Birth of the clan" at the entrance of the clan member and the presence of the CL in the game

            Changes X50:
            • The number of Silver Shilen has been reduced from the RB
            • From the mobs in the GC added a special drop of Silver Shilen
            • Fixed character flag at close range from RB

            Europa x5 / x10 / x50 around 11:30


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              Re: 2017. Updates Classic

              The 4th of October
              Changes X50:
              • Premium increases the chance of enchanting by 20% (x1.2) chances of enchanting
              • The Wednesday-Saturday Olympics is starting at 20:00-00:00, Heroes on Monday. Period 1 week
              • Sieges of Castles period 1 week on Sundays 20:00-22:00

              Europa x50 around 11:00


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                Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                October 6
                • Correction of the process of admission to the clan - clan-icon and skills at once
                • Correction of the display of the icon for the number of tasks in the Daily tasks when the item is received
                • X50. BBS Buffer: does not remove the buffs outside the slots
                • Fix items "Box with Fish Stew from the Chef Event" (70838), "Box with Fish Stew from the Chef" (90793)
                • Fix 3 lvl-a set-skill "Blue Wolf Light Armor Set" (3526)
                • Correction of the skill "Birth of the Clan" (19009)

                Europa x5 / x10 / x50 around 13:00


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                  Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                  October 13th
                  • Fixed the exchange of Broken Celestial Shards to the Celestial Shards in the Dimention Vortex

                  Europa x5 / x10 / x50 around 11:00


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                    Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                    October 14
                    Corrections x10:
                    • Updated Stats of Raid Bosses, Field Raid Bosses

                    Changes x10:
                    • Added all the pieces and recipes of A-Armor and A-Weapons to drop / spoil mobs in the Cave of Giants
                    • Alt + B: The cost of buffs 0 Adena, 40+ 1000 Adena, 76+ 2000 Adena
                    • Alt + B: Cost of teleports 0 Adena, 40+ 1000 Adena

                    Europa x10 around 11:00


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                      Re: 2017. Updates Classic


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                        Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                        22 of October
                        Cumulative update:
                        • Added weapon augmentation!
                        • Augmented weapons have no restrictions on exchange / trade, and may also die from monsters or in a chaotic state.
                        • AI mobs / RB: Correction of unreachable target handling for attack / caste (geo)
                        • Olympics: Correction of clearing at the end of the battle
                        • Fix skill "Strong Body" (1617)
                        • Correction of the reproduction of the "Mirror" mob (20639)
                        • Spatial Mole: Fixed the exchange of the Broken Heavenly Shard in the Scrolls
                        • Correction AI Zaken: teleportation
                        • Devil's Island: Correction of water zones

                        Europa x10 around 12:30
                        Europa x5 / x50 if possible


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                          Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                          October 31
                          Cumulative update:
                          • Correction of the calculation of the experiment from mob / pb
                          • Added Run experience adjustment with different values
                          • The RB has added protection against vampiric (PTS)
                          • The modifier of the crit chance is added for the RB (PTS)
                          • Correction of vampiric from Guards in Castles
                          • Fix the buttons / manufacture in gnomes
                          • Correction Runes of Expirience
                          • For Blow, PDam, MDam added protection from the vampire in RB (PTS)
                          • Added AI for Lady Elmoreden
                          • Correction of the base price of SSD, SSC
                          • Fix is ​​respawned by Lady Elmoreden and Angel Amon
                          • Fix Quest Q374_WhisperOfDreams1
                          • Fix the basic price "Adamantite Necklace Chain" (4051)

                          Europa x3 / x10 / x50 around 13:00 Moscow time / 12:00 Kiev


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                            Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                            6 November
                            Cumulative update
                            • Correction modes for sumons refer to npc / mob / pb
                            • Added method for the number of charms from the party around the object in the party range
                            • Correction of calculation of the exp for the party
                            • Correction of the application of the exp from the mob by level
                            • Fix calculating exp with peta / summons
                            • Correcting the sequence of the message and the damage, first comes the message
                            • Added Rage in RB after 15 min for 10 min
                            • Updated stats of all summons
                            • Added passive skills to all sums
                            • Correction of the type of attack of mobs Cave of Giants and Devil's Island
                            • Correction of the base rate of crit, mkrith RB and their Minions
                            • Added scrolls of teleports obtained from fishing
                            • Correction of the mob "Cannibal Toumran" (20062), do not drop herbs
                            • Minor correction of the text of the Roxxy (30006)
                            • Correction of respawn of some mobs
                            • Added spawn from 2 types of mobs ("The Guardian of the Cave" and "Cave Maiden") "Cave Banshee"
                            • When you kill a monster, Pitan with a small probability may appear monster Knoriks
                            • X3: Correction of the days of the week setting for the Gludio Siege
                            • Minor correction "Scroll of the Teleporter: Abandoned Camp" (55219)
                            • Fix skill "Deadly Rhythm" (986)
                            • Correction of Critical Blunt
                            • Critical correction of two-handed blunt weapons
                            • Correction of the appearance and number of bonus mobs in all locations where they appear
                            • Correction of the party and the chance of spawning the Cave Banshee in the Far East, Knoriks in Loa
                            • Added bonus mobs in the Sea of ​​Spore location
                            • Correction "Greater Potion of Swift M.", "Greater Potion of Atk.", "Berserker" (14000)

                            Europa x3 / x10 around 12:40 Moscow time / 11:40 Kiev


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                              Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                              November 12th
                              Cumulative update (November 7-12)
                              • Mobs do not get aggro at fishermen
                              • Correction .offline
                              • Correction of processing of jamming of a character about NPC / mobs
                              • Correction of the skill "Deadly Rhythm" (986)
                              • Study Tree: The "Quick Move" skill (319) does not learn for the Monk (Monk)
                              • The lifetime of bonus mobs has been increased
                              • Fix the skill tree for Paladin
                              • Correction of Boxes with runes 50% - transferred
                              • Minor correction of the spawn DV
                              • Correction quest "Moon Knight" (11000) drop by party
                              • Added a bonus mob location "Orc Barracks"
                              • Quest correction "Weekend Collaboration" (10995)

                              Europa x3 / x10 around 10:00 Moscow time / 09:00 Kiev


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                                Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                                the 13th of November
                                • Geodata of location "Execution Ground"
                                • Invitation to the clan of friends was fixed
                                • Correction spawn "Execution Ground"
                                • Fine correction of the "Draco" mob
                                • Removed extra spawn from the area between Dion and Giran (south)

                                Europa x3 / x10 around 10:30 Moscow GMT+03