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  • Bananavent

    The Banana event starts!
    Chef Monkey a little dilute the harsh world with invigorating exotic notes!

    Go to the hunt and collect bundles of bananas from monsters.
    Remember, Event items will not fall out, if the level of the monster is lower than the character level by 11 or more (dark blue).
    In addition, bananas can not be obtained in the Abyssal Prison, as well as raiding bosses and their minions.

    A bunch of bananas, in fact, is a tincture (herb), which is applied immediately after lifting from the ground. Tincture gives the whole group of the character a useful positive effect:

    Chef Monkey will appear in all cities.

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    Re: Bananavent

    Monkey Chef Cocktails​

    Monkey Chef prepared amazing fruit cocktails using unique secret recipe. For just 200 Spirit Ores anyone can order one of the following delicious drinks:​

    Cocktail buffs do not stack with each other and do not stack with the following effects:​

    – Prophecy of Fire;​
    – Prophecy of Water;​
    – Prophecy of Wind;​
    – Chant of Victory;​
    – Pa'agrio's Victory.​

    You won't be able to receive these buffs as well as other cocktail's effect if you already have a cocktail effect activated.​

    Important: If you use one of the prophecies with cocktail effect on, the Spirit Ores for the prophecy will disappear but the prophecy won't be applied.​