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The general solution to the problem of Сritical game errors

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  • The general solution to the problem of Сritical game errors

    Good day.

    Due to the fact that in recent times, judging by the forum, some people started to have questions with solving the problems with critical errors in the game L2 Classic, for a more convenient way for the users of the project to find their permissions, deign to create a common theme in which to share accumulated personal experience.

    In the topic I will not make a bias on specific critical errors, since there are a very large number of them and some Koreans know what each of them means, but I will outline common solutions that usually give a positive result.

    So, action on the importance in solving the problem:

    1) Drivers and driver utilities.

    As a rule, the lack of an up-to-date version of the drivers for a particular device (in most cases for a video card) can serve as a starting point for the presence of a problem of critical errors with the game. The mere fact that you have updated the driver some time ago does not mean that there are no newer versions for today.
    Solution: Install and update all drivers to the current version. Many advise to update the driver off. site of the developer, but personally I would advise the program DriverPack Solution ( Run it is not in the automatic setting mode of the PC, but in the manual (just closing the window that pops up for automatic configuration), as during automatic setup this program will install including for you different software, antiviruses, etc., which simply may not be needed. And in manual mode, you cancel the installation of all programs, leaving only the search / update and installation of drivers.
    As a result, in a few minutes the PC will be entirely with the actual firewood, as well as with the driver utilities.

    There are cases with some video cards, in which the new version of the drivers is not suitable for the game and causes critical errors. In such circumstances, you need to off. site developer to find the previous version of the drivers and install it after removing the failed newer one.

    if it did not help ...

    2) Check the integrity of the game client.

    When you download the client with the help of an auto-updater (we do not have it at this stage), unpacking the game client from the archive or during the operation can sometimes be lost for various reasons or "out of order" some files, in this connection the client becomes inoperative , giving out critical errors.
    Decision. The problem files may or may not be present at all in different game folders (not only in the system folder). Since we do not have an auto-updater or a special utility for re-checking a client, the easiest way to calculate the presence of missing files is to ask the friend, or someone else on the forum, who does not have a problem with starting the game, to tell you:
    - the size of the files of the entire folder with the game in bytes (it is important in bytes);
    - size of files on the disk in bytes;
    - the total number of files in the game folder.
    After that, compare with what you have. If the value is different, the more you have the file size and the number of files is smaller, then you should download / re-archive the client of the game.
    (I do not write here about the fact that you can delete the system folder first (the problem is in most cases in it), because we do not have an auto-updater and you can not understand if it really does not get the right files in the system folder , dumping them again).

    Sometimes critical errors emerge when teleporting to certain locations, or when drawing some textures, in this case it is possible in the game settings - the video to disable the "shader effects" or to set the settings to the minimum. If that did not work, just delete the Option.ini file in the system folder of the game.

    2.1) Antivirus / defender of Windows.

    The frequent cause of the client's malfunctioning or the lack of certain files is the result of the operation of the Anti-Virus or the Windows Defender (especially in Win 10), which perceive them as a potential threat.
    Decision. You need to add a folder of higher order, which contains the client archive and the folder with the client of the game, to the list of exceptions for the Anti-Virus or the defender (for the Win2K defender in Win 10, this is done: Start> Settings> Upgrade and Security> Windows Security> Antivirus and Threats> Virus and Threat Protection Settings> Add or remove exceptions.
    Next, delete the old folder with the game and re-archive the client game again, but only in the same folder that is added to the list of security program exceptions.

    if it did not help ...

    3) The problem of the operating system itself.

    There are times when the game just does not want to work with a certain OS build (I had this with both Win 7 and Win 10).
    Decision. Reinstall a different OS build, i.e. not the same one that you had installed, but just another (I personally always download from the site
    I advise you not to install assemblies, namely pure platforms without any additions, as a rule, they work more stably.
    Also for the game in L2 I would advise the version of the OS Win 7 as more stable, and not Win 10. After installing the OS, stopping the drivers it is desirable to disable automatic updates of the system.

    Typically, after following these 3 points you have 2 options: either the game starts without critical errors or you should forget about the game

    I hope the information will be useful.

    The topic can be fixed and asked questions from users in it, so it will have a cumulative effect and in due course it will be convenient to find solutions to problems with critical errors without having to study the whole forum or create new one-type topics.

    P.S. let there be a great Korean God "Random" on your side
    P.S.S. sorry for my english, it`s not perfect