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2018. Updates Classic

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    Re: 2018. Updates Classic

    September 28
    Cumulative update (week)
    • Added passage on RB/GRB Blocking Shield/Wind Walk
    • Fix the limiter of 40 people to the Clan Arena
    • Fix "Talisman of Battle - Liberate"


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      Re: 2018. Updates Classic

      October 5
      Cumulative Fixes (October 1-5):
      • Correction calculation dodging from physical attacks
      • Added the sale of "Summon Crystal"
      • Correction of skills in summon's "Seraphim", "Feline Queen", "Nightshade"
      • Summit Sumrets "Seraphim", "Feline Queen", "Nightshade"
      • Geo ToI square remade
      • TvT Arena ported to TvT Dion


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        Re: 2018. Updates Classic

        October 6

        Change Alt + B Buffer - added summon buffs.


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          Re: 2018. Updates Classic

          UPDATE PATCH!!!


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            Re: 2018. Updates Classic

            October 11 (after restart)

            Added location Ketra Orc Outpost


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              Re: 2018. Updates Classic

              October 18
              (October 19 after restart at 05:30 GMT+03)

              Added RB Anakim and Lilith

              Cumulative update:
              • The respawn of standard minions of the Republic of Belarus was reduced from 6 minutes to 3 minutes.
              • NPC Blow Correction
              • Crete Rates Correction for RB
              • Improved NPC shield lock
              • Correction of the start time of cube activation - depends on the activation period
              • Correction Regene HP some RB
              • Added RB Anakim / Lilith
              • Correction of stats of some RBs
              • Correction of the sobekk's Hurricane knuckles (8685)
              • Stuns Skill Correction (4166) (die)
              • Balancing of HP RB Baium, Baium Instance, Zaken, Zaken Instance,


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                Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                November 3

                Updated game patch

                Cumulative update:
                • Fix the death status of the character at the entrance
                • Fixed round markers around the nick when attacking - turn red
                • Added package stub to save settings
                • Raid Curse: summon is compared to summon
                • Raid Curse: cast on an attacking physical / skill ability if he attacks the Boss
                • High Speed ​​Healing Potions Correction - Reuse 500ms
                • Fix baf "Blessing of protection" in the GK
                • Correction of GK dialogues
                • Fix "Madness / Frenzy" (176)
                • Correction of skills "Dagger Throws" (1629), "Throwing Blood Dagger" (1630)
                • Correction of the run speed of some RBs
                • Fixed https work for hopzone
                • Correction of the Pirates Special Fruit skill (39085)


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                  Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                  the 13th of November

                  Added spawn locations to Garden of the Beasts

                  Cumulative update:
                  • PvP Correction: the flag is flagged on the AOF flag without control
                  • Correction of the masses of ress, only on the clan
                  • Fix tax on the territory for castles
                  • Mass Resurrection skill correction (1254), Dagger Throws (1629, 1630, 10539)
                  • Correction stats mobs 79-82
                  • Correction of the attack range of 2 mobs katov
                  • Fix 3 RB (did not spawn)
                  • Added Spawn Monster Garden for ranged classes
                  • Added spawn Monster Garden for melee classes

                  On the restart November 14


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                    Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                    Everyone needs to update our server patch!


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                      Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                      November 27th.

                      Meet the Brooches!
                      Details link

                      Cumulative update:
                      • Correction Curse Raid for Magical Skills
                      • For Heal added number display above target's head.
                      • Fix - Summon review does not reset auto attack
                      • Brooch slot added
                      • Added basic link brooches
                      • Added mechanics for dressing / removing Stones Brooches
                      • Added stats for SSX damage.
                      • Stones Synthesis Correction for Brooches
                      • Brooches and stones added to them (start)
                      • Daily Missions Correction: Jewel Coin added
                      • Added new items at NPC Pona (Luxor)
                      • Unpacking "Shining Jewel Box " added (71437)
                      • Fix TP at GK DE
                      • Improved Stones for Brooches


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                        Re: 2018. Updates Classic


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                          Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                          December 25
                          Cumulative update (updated monthly)
                          • Correction of tax check of a castle without a lock (Goddard)
                          • Correction of ssx damage from enchant weapons
                          • Correction of update of stats to the client for Mag. Crt. Act., Mag.Evas
                          • Fix not issuing a curse raid for Clan Arena
                          • Fix not using raid bers for Lilim and Anakim
                          • Knocking out of the game and disconnect on restart close the client
                          • Fix effect time on skill with time over 4 hours
                          • Completion of work with the contact list
                          • Fix processing botreport
                          • Added option for KDL fail, fail 10+ lvl-s above
                          • Fix display runes for sale
                          • Ketra Shaman correction
                          • Wild Magic Correction (1303, 3142, 5164, 5646)
                          • Fix Rapid Fire (413)
                          • Autouse cans expanded
                          • Heavely Rift reuse setting for rift and each HWID - 3 hour reuse added
                          • Heavely Rift Check added - does not allow with karma
                          • Fix items "Transformation Scroll in the Dark Assassin"
                          • Correction of basic chances of debuffs (Olf tests)
                          • Fix cancel at the magician and panther and talismans of protection against debuffs
                          • Correction BSoe - static cast-time 0,2s
                          • Correction of protection and patronage talisman stacks