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2018. Updates Classic

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    Re: 2017. Updates Classic

    March 25

    Updated game folder
    • Significantly accelerated work



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      Re: 2017. Updates Classic

      March 29
      Cumulative update (x7 is updated on each restart)
      • Fix /instanceZone
      • Correction of the debates of Antharas
      • Correction of the skill "The Throw of the Spear" (1625)
      • Fix dialogue Rash for Antaras Instances
      • Balancing of stats Baiums, Antaras's

      Europa x3 / x7 00:30 GMT+03 MSK


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        Re: 2017. Updates Classic

        14th of April
        Cumulative update (for x7 was installed)
        • In the fira you can not manage the summon (and any actions)
        • Correction of calculation of HP for summons
        • Fix the removal from the clan of the offline character
        • Olympics: correction of the end of the battle at the death of the participant occurs immediately
        • Fix motion to attack a moving target
        • Motion cont roller correction
        • Correction of motion calculation for mobs / summons
        • Fix check of artifact cast
        • Fix selection of items only available for multicolor for paints
        • Offline correction in the Zone Rift of Heaven
        • Restructuring of the invulium for mass events
        • HP's liabilities in sum have been updated
        • Clan Arena: fixing the level of the chest to levels of the arena
        • Fix of skills "Burning Leather" (1232), "Chilling Skin" (1238)
        • Added 5 caps without skills
        • Correction of the skill "Fear" (1092)
        • Correction spawn "Dimensional Vortex"
        • Fix "Elegant Yellow Fashionable Hat" (70400)
        • Correction of Ranjah fiz attack of 3 mobs kat
        • Corrections of Antharas AI
        • Fix the subject "Scroll of Renewal (Rank A)

        Europa x3 11:15 Moscow time


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          Re: 2017. Updates Classic

          May 8

          Modifying the concept:
          • Sexy added Freshman MP Recovery Potion
          • Sexy added two books of profession for Aden
          • Sexy Magic Plates for Aden added


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            Re: 2017. Updates Classic

            May 9


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              Re: 2017. Updates Classic

              May 29
              Cumulative update
              • Correction of the number of goals under the "Wide Arms"
              • Added double check for the number of windows
              • Fixed the Daily Task to complete the quest, and no response to the cancellation of the quest
              • Goal Tracking / Follow-up Correction
              • Fix Castle caste artifact
              • TheFallHarvest event was adapted (Gigantic Pumpkins)
              • Correction of the chance of drop in the quest Q11000_MoonKnight
              • Quest Correction 416_PathToOrcShaman
              • Correction of skills "Sonic Barrier" (442), "Chant of Vampire" (1310)
              • Fix the item "Chest with Fishing Rod (10 days)" (49507)
              • Fixed Spa of the mob of Banshee and Banshee Mulrouk mobs
              • Fix the item "Blessed Scroll of Resurrection" (29546)
              • Correction of the re-use of skills "Kiss of Eva" (1073), "Divine Power" (1459)
              • Fix the switch drop from the Mysterious Chests to Dino

              Europa x5 / x7 12:00 Moscow time


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                Re: 2017. Updates Classic


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                  Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                  August 19
                  Cumulative corrections:
                  • Fix on Olimiad skill "Abundance of the Clan" - exists on Oly
                  • Added translation of Shift-items for localization of the client
                  • Correction of the calculation of weight
                  • Correction of MP absorber
                  • Restructuring of PVE damage / defense stats
                  • Fix passives from Agathion Bracelet - Minion Eye
                  • Minor skill corrections
                  • For heroes-skills added a reuse of other skills (buffs, debuffs)
                  • Added quest Q10866_PunitiveOperationOnTheDevilsIsle
                  • Added quest Q10867_GoneMissing

                  Europa around 12:00


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                    Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                    Update client
                    Added proxy USA, now server "Luna" in server list.

                    Download and replace file to folder



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                      Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                      UPDATE PLS GUARD IF DISSCONECT

                      download and replace in folder

                      Added proxy Asia
                      Need download and replace file in folder


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                        Re: 2017. Updates Classic

                        September 13th

                        Reduced HP at Antharas to 200,000,000


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                          Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                          13 September

                          ⚔️ Register for the Siege of the Castles!
                          ✌️ Now in the zone of Castle Siege you do not lose EXPerience!!!


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                            Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                            September 15th

                            Concept changes:
                            • Added in Shop 15-day Improved Zaken's Earring, Improved Earring of Orphen, Improved Queen Ants Ring
                            • Reuse of Scrolls PK of all ranks 10 min


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                              Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                              September 18th

                              Concept changes:
                              • Added PvP zone around simple RB
                              • Changed the schedule for events TvT and DMD


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                                Re: 2018. Updates Classic

                                23 September
                                Cumulative update:
                                • Siege: Flag area check enabled to install the Camp
                                • Sieges: the camp is strengthened
                                • Skill correction: Curse of Fear (1169), Fear - Warcryer(1092), Reject Magic