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Aden Castle Siege. GGWP vs KotE. Classic x10.

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  • Aden Castle Siege. GGWP vs KotE. Classic x10.

    The siege of Aden.
    On the siege, 2 clans were registered:

    protecting the Aden clan GGWP
    besieging - clan KotE.

    The first attempt to siege the castle was unsuccessful.
    On the second attempt, the KotE clan captured Aden.

    The GGWP clan changed status to attackers.

    There was a darkness)
    After several unsuccessful attacks, the GGWP clan castled and broke into the throne.
    15 minutes before the end of the Siege clan was again occupied by the Castle of Aden.

    The KotE clan did not relax until the last seconds.
    But they did not have enough time to win.

    The Light won.


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