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  • X5 Essence "Battle Chronicle" - 3 Dec 2021!

    Detailed information

    Server Rates:

    • Item_71101.jpg Exp/Sp - x5
    • etc_adena_i00.jpg Adena - x3

    Start Bonus - etc_pi_gift_box_i04.jpg Free Welcome Kit

    • etc_stone_gray_i00.jpg Spirit Ore - 2000
    • etc_exchange_ticket_i03.jpg Soulshot Ticket - 200
    • bm_romantic_chaperon_gold.jpg Refined Romantic Chapeau
    • accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.jpg Valakas' Necklace
    • bm_weapon_ticket_c.jpg C-grade Weapon Coupon
    • br_valentine_cookie_i00.jpg Sayha's Cookie - 200
    • scrl_of_ladies_silver_knife_01.jpg Scroll: Boost Attack - 50
    • scrl_of_ench_bracelet_lucien_01.jpg Scroll: Boost Defense - 50

    Premium option:

    • ev_charge_box.jpg  Premium Growth Kit
  • X7 Classic 5.1 - The One!

    Server Rates:

    • Item_49674.jpg Exp / Sp - x7
    • etc_adena_i00.jpg Adena - x10*

    Free Welcome Gift:

    • etc_exchange_ticket_i03.jpg Soulshot Ticket - 200 pcs
    • accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.jpg Necklace of Valakas
    • etc_lesser_potion_blue_i00.jpg MP Recovery Potion - 100 pcs
    • weapon_long_sword_i00.jpg Mid-NG Weapon
    • weapon_spinebone_sword_i00.jpgAden Weapon 1st Class Gift

    PvP-focused and S-Grade Concept

    Detailed Information

  • Posts

    • Добрый день почему сервер х3 выключен?
    • 23 November Accumulate updates: Added new skills + learn to Classes:  "Replenishing Life"(47292), "Shelter"(47310), "Eva's Care"(47318), "Life Steal"(47294), "Condemnation"(47313), "Shillien's Curse"(47320), "Seclusion"(47339), "Dark Blow"(47341), "Shadow Assault"(47362), "Fatal Accuracy"(47365), "Rogue Weapon Mastery"(47331), "Rogue Armor Mastery"(47332), "Bluff Mastery"(47345), "Critical Assault"(47353), "Critical Attack Mastery"(47346), "Synchro Freedom"(47350), "Fury Blade"(47355), "Critical Attack Mastery"(47347), "Ethereal Blood"(47351), "Mortal Piercing"(47357), "Mechanical Shock"(47322),  Updated skills (some with + lvls): "Shield Stun"(47282), "Hell"(47308), "Lunatic Crusher"(47316), "Reflect Damage"(86), "Slaughter"(103), "Recovery"(21), "Slowdown"(47284), "Bloody Weapon"(47285), "Freezing Weapon"(47288), "Rage"(94), "Guts"(139), "Frenzy"(176), "Zealot"(420), "Full Swing"(814), "Life Force Harmony"(45412), "Titan Champion"(45413), "Titanic Weapon"(45414), "Titanic Sweep"(45416), "Hellfire"(45312), "Burning Field"(45313), "Frozen Field"(45316), "Lightning Storm"(45319), "Flaming Body"(45332/45333/45334), "Death Blind"(45342), Dash"(4), "Shadow Step"(821), "Clear Movements"(1631), "Focus Death"(355), "Focus Chance"(356), "Focus Power"(357), "Backstab"(47334), "Critical Wound"(531), "Rogue Agility"(47367), Bluff"(358), "Mirage"(445), "Exciting Adventure"(768), "Dodge"(446), "Critical Wound"(531), "Wind Riding"(769), "Ghost Walking"(770), "Counterattack"(447), "Titanic Weapon"(45414), "Puma Nature"(45420), Rabbit Nature"(45421), "Ogre Nature"(45422), "Cacophony of War"(45441), "Enhanced Seal of Silence"(45450), "Enhanced Seal of Despair"(45451), "Enhanced Infection Seal"(45452), "Flame Burst"(45453), "Blood Bond"(45458), "Mechanical Hero"(47221), "Hero's Swing"(47223), "Hero's Stomp"(47224), "Flame Explosion"(45378), "Water Explosion"(45379), "Thunder Explosion"(45380), "Void Explosion"(45381), "Priest's Armor Mastery"(47267) Removed skills: "Divine Blessing"(262), Cubics to Dark Elf Fighters AbyssWalker.xml + learn "Critical Chance"(137) 1,2 TOI - added teleporter TOI - added spawn new mobs 85-88-90 Linked TOI GC mobs to Purge Task Added Dolls 4-5 lvl, Doll of Antharas Added new Purge Wepons to TOI task Reworked Special Shop
    • 14 November. Accumulate updates: Setup new dev thread for 338 version Updates some base packets Syncronized with Essence 311 and Classic 311 Updated header data for mobs/RBs - HP/MP/Exp/Att Updated skills (some with + lvls) "Song of Invocation"(270), "Blazing Skin"(1232), "Freezing Skin"(1238), "Chant of Revenge"(1284), "Focus Sonic"(6813), "Focus Force"(6814), "Ogre Spirit Totem"(109), "Puma Spirit Totem"(282), "Bison Spirit Totem"(292), "Rabbit Spirit Totem"(298), "Shield of Faith"(528), "Over the Body"(536), "Prophecy of Water"(1355), "Prophecy of Fire"(1356), "Prophecy of Wind"(1357), "Chant of Victory"(1363), "Mystic Immunity"(1411), "Victory of Pa'agrio"(1414), "Counter Critical"(1542), "Tenacity"(1617), "Eva’s Protection"(1623), "Broad Sweep"(1628), "Prophecy of Light"(45236), "Machine Assistance"(45245), "Roar of Death"(45328), "Death Guard"(45329), "Dark Aura"(45330), "Flaming Body"(45332/45333/45334), "Devour"(45389), "Titanic Weapon"(45414), Cacophony of War"(45439), "Mechanical Masterpiece"(47228), "Shillien's Power"(47257), "Ultimate Defense"(110), "Guts"(139), "Frenzy"(176), "Vengeance"(368), "Angelic Icon"(406), "Shield Deflect Magic"(916), Shield of Sacrifice"(1621), "Focus Mind"(191), "Shield Mastery"(153), "Fortitude"(335), "Sacrifice"(69) Added new skills + learn to Classes: "Shield Throwing"(47273), "Power of Life"(47274), "Toughness"(47275), "Knight Assault"(42279), "Chain Strike (Shock)"(47276), "Knight's Power"(47280), "Masterpiece Shield"(47281), "Knight Armor Mastery"(47297), "Knight Weapon Mastery"(47298), "Phoenix Shield"(47315),  Completed update synchronization to remove skills (substitution, absorption) for Knights
    • 10 November. We started new big update: Battle Chronicle 338 Information about update https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2essence/353/
    • 12 Novemner Accumulate updates: Added syb-system "Achievement Box" Optimization to visible objects list Fixed move packets Syncronized Classic changes (game core) https://l2central.info/essence/articles/462.html Development this version сlosed
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