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    Bueno me presento como lider de GeneiRyodan, somos un grupo de latinos simplemente disfrutando del Lineage 2 Europa Classic, buscando diversion en PvP callejero y PvE. Reclutamos latinos principalmente. No se admite xenofobia. Saludos PM RaT para Clan.
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    Clan : RedArmy - International clan Ally : SovietUnion Leader : RozaLuxemburg Nationality : Greece Language : English Discord server: https://discord.gg/kArwmV Contact me in Discord - RozaLuxemburg#7553 Communication : TeamSpeak- redarmyclan.tsjoin.eu Contact me in Skype - rafail.papadopoulos7 (RozaLuxemburg) Hello ppl , we are a group of 5 strong CPs and we are going to play on L2 Europa x5 for great PvPs and hard Hero maches ! , Our goal is simple , take em all. ATM we are recruiting only 1 CP Pm me here or in game ( RozaLuxemburg ) , also you are welcome to find me in discord server. GL&HF
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    Русский клан открывает для вас свои двери в мире нового х5 от л2европы! Будем видеть рады всех - как готовые пакеты так и обычных работяг. Так-же в кор-пак клана нужны 4 человека. По поводу набора обращаться в дискорде Vasgen#4102
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    Clan : Axxis Shadow Leader : Hanagar Nationality : Poland mostly Language : English Discord server: will send later :) Contact me in Discord - Kapua#9830 Communication : TeamSpeak- Hello, we are mostly Ppolish clan, playing on L2 Essence - going to roll this server :) recruiting Polish ppl, cps and solo active players :) Pm me here or in game ( Kapua, Hanagar ) , also you are welcome to find me in discord server. GL&HF
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    Enforcers clan.... We introduce our new clan project "Enforcers" we will play in Europa with our new name for first start.. Most of people know me for Leading Prodigy clan... We recruiting solo players that will play as team and will follow the clan events... And cps with 4/4 people 6/6 or 9/9 Contact me in discord eireen#6530 for more info... About videos ill put some from Prodigy clan to take a taste ...
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