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  1. L2europa.com X3 Essence Frost lord 04.08.2021 Clan MoonLight
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    ENOT, Free-kassa в списке
  4. Unpack patch folder as self name to game folder
  5. 1 August Accumulate Fix pack: Fixed reset to Ticket for Trancedent zones Fixed remove from clan: can be in Battle state Improved Coin Drop System: Coins drop with party or solo, if character recieved Exp Improved Coin Drop System: Requires farming of mobs higher than -5 levels with the character. For characters 85+ -6 diff Fixed skills: "Poison Blade Dance"(84), "Pain of Sagittarius"(417), Fish Stews, "A-grade: Stockings of Protection"(50493) Fixed items "Battle Box Lv. 1-4"(90911, 90912, 90913, 90914) Fixed Swordsinger skills tree "Song of Wind"(305) 1 lv free Updated unseal A Armor: new way with Adena only Fixed stats RB "Behemoth"(25912): reduced pAtk/hpRegen Fixed Legendary Dyes +4
  6. Start time 20:00 GMT+03: 10:00 UTC-7 Pacific Time (US) 11:00 UTC-6 Mountain Time (US) 14:00 UTC-3 (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo - Brazil) 17:00 UTC +0 (London - United Kingdom) 18:00 UTC +1 (Paris - France) 19:00 UTC+2 (Berlin - Germany) 20:00 UTC+3 (Moscow,Athens, Kyiv - Russia, Greece, Ukraine)
  7. 28 July Fix pack: Generated new chances to RaidBosses droplists Updated Shift+Click droplist Autofarm: added Heal support to party Autofarm: Heal-support work in "Follow: state Heal auto-option is enabled for skills "Quick Heal"(45), "Elemental Heal"(58), "Holy Blessing"(262), "Battle Heal"(1015), "Vitalize"(1020), "Group Heal"(1027), "Greater Heal"(1217), "Greater Battle Heal"(1218), "Greater Group Heal"(1219),
  8. 27 July Accumulate update: Added autouse to skills "Provoke"(286), Hero’s Attack(47222), "Hero's Swing"(47223), "Hero's Stomp"(47224), "Increased Speed"(47226), "Blacksmith's Attack"(47227), "Aura of Hate"(18), "Vengeance"(368) Rebalanced/Reduced pDef/MDef mobs/RBs Fixed items "Magic Lamp" Corrects quest Q10971_TalismanEnchant BETA - added learn all skills to LEVEL window Fixed skills "Final Servitor"(1349), "Aura Flash"(1417) Class Adventurer + "Focus Death"(355) Fixed auto-buff with inscrease level of buff Autofarm: for debuffs with one target added check effect on target - wait to no effect Autobuff: fixed rebuff transformations after TP/Enter to game - used only one Autofarm: add special rule for use only AOE damage skill without auto-attack Autofarm: reworked attack summon rules
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    Added to balance, ty
  10. 24 July Accumulated update: Updated Exp/Sp/Hp/Mp/Att Exp to all mobs/RB Generated new droplist 311 part 1/2 Fixed cross-check for skills "Weapon Mastery"(249) and "Priest's Attack Mastery"(47268) Dwarves: change skills to "Dwarven Weapon Mastery"(47235) from "Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery"(235), "Polearm Mastery"(216) Dwarves: change skills to "Dwarven Armor Mastery"(47236) from "Light Armor Mastery"(227), "Heavy Armor Mastery"(231) Dwarves: change skills to "Dwarven Recovery Mastery"(47237) from "Emergency Rescue"(70), "Fast HP Recovery"(212), "Vital Force"(148) Skills "Fatal Strike"(190) hide "Power Strike"(3) Skills "Spinning Slasher"(36) hide "Wild Sweep"(245) Updated skills "Divine Beam"(45241 All changes to skills by patchnotes Removed spawn drom Devil's Isle Updates prices to TimeZones TimeZone "Forgotten Primeval Garden" moved to proper place and refixed mobs TimeZone "Frost Lord's Castle" implemented + RB "Reggiesys"(25942) Reworked all boxes in Game Assistant to Armor/Weapon Added "Agathion Joy"(93132) and replace Agathion shop in Game Assistant Fixed lists Weapon/Armor to Life Stones Implemented Soul Crystals - Aden's and Hardin's, rework Soul Crystal system, dialogs. Life Stones work by double-click Fixed "Extra Pass: Transcendent Instance Zone"(93948) Fixed quest Q10972_CombiningGems Fixed skill "Balanced Body"(47242) Implement all new collections and checked full list of collections Updated some mobs - removed strong pDef/mDef - part 1
  11. 16 July Accumulated update: Reworked skills "Boots of Evasion+"(50386), "Life Gain"(47210), "Sacred Power"(47263), "Life Force Harmony"(45409) FortuneSeeker - added skills "Crushing Leap"(47216), "Adena Stun"(47219), Maestro - added skills "Mechanical Hero"(47221), "Blacksmith's Attack"(47227), "Mechanical Masterpiece"(47228), Fixed showing % exp from Limited Sayha in bottom panel and Alt+B Craftrandomlist - removed spellbooks Updated skills "Greater Heal"(1217), "Greater Group Heal"(1219), "Resist Shock"(1259), "Mass Recharge">(1428), "Exclusion"(45533), Dark Disruption(45534), "Chain Heal"(1553), "Rolling Dice"(45540), "Magician's Movement"(118), "Indestructible Sound"(1624), "Titanic Sweep"(45416), "Higher Mana Gain"(285), "Mana Gain"(1460) Checked/Reworked Healers + Prophet Class skill trees Fixed Mages/Healers removed skills "Spellcraft"(163), "Mana Recovery"(214) - reworked to "Magician's Movement"(118) Healers + Prophet - added skill "Priest's Armor Mastery"(47267) - removed "Robe Mastery"(235) + "Light Armor Mastery"(236) Healers + Prophet - added skill "Priest's Attack Mastery"(47268) - removed "Weapon Mastery"(249) + "Mage's Blessing"(1043) Healers + Prophet - added skill "Priest's Recovery Mastery"(47271) - removed "Fast Mana Recovery"(229), "Fast HP Recovery"(212), "Regeneration"(1044)
  12. Наши преимущества: Качество официального сервера 100% собственная разработка. Работает на L2Europa Enterprise Engine (лидер качества). Возможность одновременно играть всеми персонажами на 1 аккаунте! (Только здесь) Удобство: авто-фарм и автои-спользование Рейты Сервера: Опыт - x3 Адена - x3 Опыт элементов - x10 Дроп (шанс ) - x2.0 Спойл (шанс) - x2.0 Дроп с Рейдовых Боссов (шанс ) - x2.0 Дроп с Эпических Боссов (шанс) - x2.0 Квестовый Опыт - x3 Квестовая Адена - x3 Профессии бесплатно! Start Bonus - Free Welcome Kit Руда Духов - 2000 Купон на Заряды Души - 200 Элегантная Золотая Модная Шляпа Ожерелье Валакаса Купон на Модифицированное Оружие Ранга C Печенье Покровительства - 200 Свиток: Модифицировать Атаку - 50 Свиток: Модифицировать Защиту - 50 Premium Account (PA) Бонусы: Опыт + 50% Адена x1.2 Дроп (шанс) x1.2 Спойл (шанс) x1,2 Дроп с Рейдовых Боссов (шанс) x1.1, Дроп с Эпических Боссов (шанс) x1.1 Рыбалка +2 окна с 1 копьютера Квестовая Адена x1.2 Квестовый Опыт x1.2 Потеря опыта при смерти 0% 2 окна для входа в игру Премиум Набор Развития Ограничения: Ограничение по окнам - 1 окна с 1 компьютера (без Премиум) Рыбалка - 4 окна с 1 компьютера Особенности сервера: Lineage 2 Essence "Frost Lord" 311. Сбалансированная новейшая версия. - Новая защита от ботов - блокирует ботов - Ежедневные Автоматические TvT с хорошими наградами и PvP - Фарм L Монет - Бонусы за захват Замков - Клан может иметь до 100 персонажей - Еженедельная Олимпиада. Герои в 12:00 Воскресенья - Хорошая поддержка игроков
  13. Our Advantages: Bringing the most genuine official-like classic experience Made from 100% self-developments and from thorough communications with developers. Powered by l2Europa Enterprise Engine (quality leader). Multi-Character access from just ONE account! (Only here) Comfort: auto-farm and auto-use Server Rates: Exp / Sp - x3 Adena - x3 Attribute Exp - x5 Drop rate - x2.0 Spoil chance - x2.0 Drop RB - x2.0 Epic Drop rate - x2.0 Quest Rates Exp / Sp - x3 Aden quest rates - x3 1st, 2nd & 3rd class change : Free! Start Bonus - Free Welcome Kit Spirit Ore - 2000 Soulshot Ticket - 200 Refined Romantic Chapeau: Gold Valakas' Necklace Enchanted C-grade Weapon Coupon Sayha's Cookie - 200 Scroll: Boost Attack - 50 Scroll: Boost Defense - 50 Premium Account (PA) Bonuses: Exp / SP + 50% Adena x1.2 Drop rate x1.2 Spoil chance x1,2 Drop with RB chance x1.1, Drop from Epic chance x1.1 Quest Adena x1.2 Quest Expp / SP x1.2 Exp lost 0% (without Premium 4%) 2 windows to enter game Premium Growth Kit Restrictions: Restriction on windows - 1 windows per computer (without Premium) Fishing - limit 4 windows per computer Server Features : Essence Frost Lord (Client 311 protocol). The most anticipated chronicle yet to be coming. - New bot protection - bot no work - Daily Automated TvT Events with massive rewards and PvP - Farmable L-Coins - Siege through many clans to claim the thrones of your desired castles, Castle owners comes with donation rewards! - Clan can have up to 100 players - PvP Zones at all lv 70+ Raidbosses - Competitive Olympiad matches for Weekly Heroes, announced on every Sunday 12:00 GMT+02! - Active and friendly GMs to provide the best player supports
  14. 14 July Update: All Classes: updated skills "Berserker Spirit" 3 lvl, "Clarity" 4 lvl, "Wild Magic" 3 lvl Cardinal - added skills "Sensation"(47241), "Balanced Body"(47242), "Advanced Cleanse"(47243), "Unleashing"(47259), "Divine Recovery"(47261), "Sacred Power"(47263), "Holy Buster"(47245) EvaSaint - added skills "Treatment"(47247), "Eva's Nocturne"(47248), "Eva's Power"(47249), "Improved Resilience"(47265), "Unleashing"(47259), "Divine Recovery"(47261), "Sacred Power"(47263), "Holy Buster"(47245) ShillienSaint - fixed skills "Mass Dryad Root"(45242), "Mass Wind Shackle"(45243), added skills "Duress"(47253), "Nemesis"(47255), "Shillien's Power"(45257), "Unleashing"(47259), "Divine Recovery", (47261), "Sacred Power"(47263), "Holy Buster"(47245) Hierophant - added skills "Holy Buster"(47245), "Improved Resilience"(47265) FortuneSeeker - updated skills "Armor Crush"(362), added skills "Life Gain"(47210), "Golden Stone"(47204) Maestro - updated skills "Armor Crush"(362), added skills "Life Gain"(47210)
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