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  1. Lf ppl in clan, write in game "progamer or discrod: progamer#2494
  2. Hi guys, it's been a long time since there were classics and our clan managed to miss them properly. Let's go here as a clan on May 15. We will be glad to see all the old ones, as well as new players. From the clan you will get a fun, siege, clan arena, etc. About recruiting write in the game progamer or in the discord paranoid#5561
  3. Hello L2Europe. We liked the last server very much, on January 3 we will come to the server again. We will be glad to new solo people. The clan is configured for pve content, from us there will be the fastest possible development of the clan, the arena clan, rb, etc. For all questions of interest, write to the discord: paranoid#5561 or in game "progamer
  4. ExoticIsland is an international clan made by a group of long tome friends that wanna chill out and play the game without a schedule, without any big commitments and without expectations, we just like to hang around on discord, do some things in game and so on, if you look for an environment like this feel free to pm me in game on. "Paranoid / or discrod paranoid#5561. A little about the clan: We are coming to you from the Valhalla server. We played there for more than 2 months and now we want to relax on your server, we will be glad to all newcomers. In our clan, there are daily farm raid bosses, arena clans, and we also help to protect spots from enemies.
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