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  1. the server is runing great , no lag spikes , no random shut downs , everthing is perfect exepct.... when one person connect freaking 4-5 mages summoners or other champs to just stand in one spot and farm all the freacking mobs i mean its fine to box like 1 char one MAIN and one BOX but to have ability to connect more then 2 like freacking train example cruma tower almost every room have 3-5 same persons charcs in on spot littery in the middle whit even simular nick names just non stop spaming mobs dont even have time to respawn fully.... farming aden is so easy if u have good internet connection and can login sh1t load of characters to spam.... i mean cmon this way of aden farm is ruining not only the fun and pleasure of the game also in game economic... there haste to be a way to properly adjust it... and i dont think im only one thinking this
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