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                                 WuTang Clan          

                                                                              765748901315608586.png.d82f8e77056e832f4d970ac45c04a783.png    765748901315608586.png.d82f8e77056e832f4d970ac45c04a783.png765748901315608586.png.d82f8e77056e832f4d970ac45c04a783.png765748901315608586.png.d82f8e77056e832f4d970ac45c04a783.png


recruiting: CP's 7/9 9/9 or Active Solo players with sense of teamwork and basic knowledge of the game. Wutang Clan only accepts PVP based members so no CAREBEARS apply please, also we are a family and looking for loyal, mature people only to join our team. 
Bonus: All CP Gets Weekly Reward. Reward Depends on the activity CPs

Follow Us On Discord : https://discord.gg/nnaKUNK Lineage[||]WuTang™

About WuTang Clan :

Leader : Z3R0

Nationality : Georgia

Language : ENG/RU/GR



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