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Collections in 5.0

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collections_eu.jpgThe Collections.

— a new collection system has been introduced, it lets players add items to different collections and in turn receive different effects;

— to open the collection UI click the icon at the bottom of your inventory or press the Collection button in the bottom right part of your screen;

— whenever a player obtains an item that can be added to a collection, a corresponding icon appears in the notification menu in the bottom right part of the screen;

— enchanted items can be added to a collection only if collection requirements specifically state that the item needs to be enchanted;

— items can't be added to the collection if the character has less items that is needed;

— items that can be added to a collection are marked in the description as [Collection items];

— to add an item to a collection, drag it to the Collection button in the bottom part of inventory (to the right of Compound), this way you will only be shown the collections that this item belongs to;

— whenever you add an item to a collection, it disappears forever;

— the effect of a complete collection is applied immediately (and it is not shown among passive skills);

— augmented items, sealed items, equipped items, item with Soul Crystals and items with changed appearance cannot be added to a collection;

— the contents and the effect of a collection are shared among all the characters of an account, but not among servers;

— the main Collection window shows colorful models of the key items in the collection representing every category, for example, Baium Doll Lv. 1;


— the main collection of a category is located at the top of the category, this collection is comprised of max level items;

— moving the cursor to an item in the main window will reveal a tooltip with the item’s name, clicking on it will take you to the category screen;

— collecting all the items of a key collection will make the item on the main screen glow;

— if a character has items that can be added to a collection, this collection will always be shown first in search results;

— if the character has items that can be added to a collection, they will be marked with an orange dot in the collection interface (or on the icon of the specific item in the collection tab), if some of the collection's requirements concerning the amount of items or enchant values haven't been met, it will be marked with a red dot; this mark can be seen on the Details button, even before opening the collection tab;

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